The Sunday Post: A Wishlist

1. Necklace from Zara, 2. Pink Pigeon Lipstick from MAC, 3. Trousers from H&M, 4, Platforms from Zara, 5. Shirt from Topshop

I'm bad at saving money, I literally plan ahead what I'm going to buy on the days I get paid. This week I'm thinking this limited edition lipstick from MAC because it's beautiful and it will add a touch of colour to a very neutral outfit (e.g this look), plus it's limited edition so that's enough to justify it to myself, yeah? I saw these trousers in H&M the other day and they're basically pj pants but smart, exactly what I've been looking for. Plus they'll be perfect for the summer. The shirt, well that's something I've been looking for, for a long time now. Pairing the trousers with the shirt, adding the little touch of silver necklace, these shoes would look perfect with it. With the addition of my new Zara bag, oh this look is something I need. 

I'm thinking past this cold weather and looking forward to the warm spring I'm hoping is going to brace London, are you too?

Luce x