The Daily Make-Up #6

As you all know, my lipstick collection is forever growing and isn't going to stop any time soon. For being classed as a 'beauty blogger', I don't actually wear much make up for day to day. If I'm not going anywhere, then I won't wear make up or even if I'm just popping out, it's a no go area for me. It's just down to laziness but I also don't see the point. Today's look is just what I'm wearing to university, which is a lot compared to what I usually wear.

As my base, I've buffed a little bit of Dr Jart Premium BB Cream* into the places I need it the most before then adding a little warmth into my face with Benefit Hoola Bronzer. There's a little Wedge by MAC through my brows and L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara on my lashes. 
I'm not feeling eyeshadow at the moment so I'm focusing mostly on the lipsticks, with Bobbi Brown lipstick in Soft Coral, which you may have seen in one of my latest outfit posts. It's a toned down version of Tom Ford True Coral which you can see here

If you can excuse my messy hair, I haven't even done anything with it today. This is my go to look for most days, especially work as it takes me around 5 minutes to do. 

What's your go to look?

Luce x