The Make-Up: Adding To The Collection

A post dedicated to lipsticks hasn't appeared on here in a while, so I finally have a reason to show off the new additions to my collection. After looking through my lipsticks, I decided I don't have enough bright shades so I headed over to MAC. After covering my hand with swatches, I came to the conclusion that as I don't already own any lipsticks from their Amplified Creme finish, they would be the best for bright lipsticks. Without the help of the MAC girls (I'm actually a beauty counter girl and I still get scared by the girls on that stand, but don't worry, over at the brands I work for, we're lovely) I picked out Craving, Vegas Volt and Impassioned. 

Craving is described as 'a burst of plum', which describes it perfectly! I already have quite naturally dark rose lips, so when I apply this, it's almost one of those 'my lips but darker' lipsticks. I've paired this with a very neutral eye using only matte shades. Vegas Volt is described as 'full powerful coral', which is correct except on my lip it turns out to be a light orange with no pink tones in there. However, that is what I was wanting, another peachy lipstick adding to my collection. Impassioned is described as 'amped-up fuchsia', which is correct. I've worn this once so far and I loved it, but you have to be feeling brave to wear it as it's very in your face. I might have to save this for the warmer months as right now, I'm ghostly pale and I knew it'd look better once I've got a little bit of colour and my freckles have come out.

So theres my latest new lipsticks, what has your favourite one to wear recently?

Luce x