The Skincare Post: Morning Routine

Welcome to my skincare routine, I was thinking of including my morning & night routine in one post but then I realised how long it would be so I'm splitting it up into three parts! I'm not a morning person and I will always chose spending more time in bed rather than having breakfast. So when it comes to my morning skincare routine, I use the minimum.

I start off by cleansing with Crystal Clear Cleansing Milk* which is a very gentle cleanser. I apply it to dry skin and massage it into the skin before wiping it off with a muslim cloth and warm water. I usually use Cetaphil, which is a very moisturising cleanser for sensitive dry skin, but I have just ran out so I've swapped to this to use it up. After that I will spray my skin a few times with Sensiderma Gentle Toner *before moisturising. If my skin is very dehydrated, I will use La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche or else I will use Clinique Moisture Surge. For my eyes, I normally use Origins GinZing Eye Cream, however my order is taking a while to arrive so I've been using Sensiderma Renew & Refine* around my eyes so that they're hydrated. After I've done my make up, I will then spritz my face with Caudalie Beauty Elixir, well whenever I remember to do so. The Beauty Elixir is something I find does help but because I've already used a toner, I sometimes end up skipping.

What are your staple products for the morning?

Luce x