The New Thing: Sensiderma by Queen Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, I went along to John Bell & Croyden Pharmacy, which is just off Oxford Street, for an event showcasing some of their new lines. Whilst there I was treated to my first professional facial by the lovely ladies from Queen Cosmetics. They were there showcasing their new line, Sensiderma, skincare products designed for sensitive skin. Since I have quite sensitive skin, it seemed right to have it and I walked away feeling refreshed and glowing. 

The Gentle Toner is what it says in the title, a gentle toner in a spritzer bottle so I can easily spray on after cleansing. Until now, I never used toner, it was something I didn't think I needed and didn't really seem the point in it. My skin is still rather quite dry, but something I have noticed which has changed is that my t-zone is slightly oily, only by the tiniest amount but I've never had that before so I started to use this toner and it disappears on the days I remember to use it. I would use it on a morning after I've used Cetaphil cleanser, just spray it about three times so it covers my whole face, before waiting for it to dry so I can move onto my moisturiser. Renew & Refine is cream which is 'formulated for sensitive skin to soften the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and more youthful-looking'. You all are going to think I'm crazy because I'm 19 and I'm using anti-ageing cream, but I'm not using it for that purpose. Anti-ageing creams are some of the most moisturising creams I've tried when it comes to combating dry sensitive throughout this winter. I don't apply this all over the face, just in specific areas such as around my eyes and cheeks. 

The Sensiderma range is avaliable at John Bell & Croyden Pharmacy or online here.

Luce x