The Sunday Post: Yet Another Wishlist

1. Mulberry Scarf // 2. Warby Parker Glasses // 3. MAC Diva // 4. Essie Fishnet Stockings // 5. Topshop Peep Toe Flats // 6. Topshop Joni Jeans // 7. COS Striped Top

You know when you see an item and you instantly fall in love with it? That happened to me this week when I saw the Mulberry Summer Tree Jacquard Scarf in Raspberry. I don't own anything from Mulberry, yet, however I look to them for inspiration for a bag or accessories. But I don't think I'm going to find a dupe for this scarf as it's this one I need, with the silk cotton blend, it's just dreamy. Unfortunately it's not my birthday till September and I don't feel right paying £195 for a scarf. This just gave me an idea to create an outfit based around the scarf, which had led to me thinking I need everything in the picture.

A few months ago I sat on my glasses and broke them, typical. Since then I have bought cheap ones which have broke instantly and think it's time for me to see again when at university and I've found these glasses from an American website called Warby Parker, unfortunately they don't ship to the UK yet so I'm still on the quest to find new glasses. MAC Diva is a lipstick what isn't spoke about that often, it's a deep red from the matte range. I've been searching for a deep red shade similar to Rimmel Kate Moss 107, yet without the berry tone and even darker, so this lipstick seems to fit the bill. Along with the red theme, Essie Fishnet Stockings seems to be such a lovely true deep red nail polish. I sneakily tried it out in Boots on one of my nails and instantly fell in love with it. The peep toe flats from Topshop seem a bit silly for this weather in London right now but I'm hoping for some more summer weather soon so they're going to be picked up on my next trip there. Topshop have jumped on the bandwagon and brought their own version of The Easy Jean from American Apparel, called the Joni Jean, which I'm sure you're all familiar with. I'm going to treat myself to these soon once I've stuck to a gym routine. I saw this top in COS a few weeks back and asked myself if I really needed yet another stripy top and the answer was no. But now I've thought about it, this is the 'perfect' stripy top what I have been looking for, for about two years now, can I justify paying £45 for it though? Not just yet.

To me, this is a perfect outfit for a warm spring day (which is yet to come). What have you been loving this week?

Luce x