The Hair: The At Home Blow-Dry

GHD's - Approx £100 // GHD Blow Dry - Came with my straighteners in a set
Umberto Giannini Frizzi Frizz-Off Blow Dry Cream - £5.49

I'm going to tell you a secret - I don't have naturally straight hair. Due to dodgy genes (thanks mum), I have been cursed with having unruly curly hair which is the bane of my life. My mum, my sister and I all have the same hair and moan about it pretty much every day, but it's something we have to live with. I know I'll never be one of those girls who gets up in a morning, washes their hair and just goes with it, because let's face it, washing my hair is just a chore. That is why I'm always looking for something to make my hair last those few extra days, which is gross but I only go 4 days at the most without washing my hair. The last time I was back at home, my mum was telling me about a blow dry cream she read about in Marie Claire so we headed to Boots to buy it and she ended up buying me one to take back to London. The Umberto Giannini Frizz-Off Blow-Dry cream claims to 'tame and transform frazzled, parched looking hair into frizz free hair that sashays with smoothness and shine', so I have big hopes for this.

When I wash my hair, I usually let it dry naturally and then will straighten it because whenever I blow-dry it myself, it will turn into a frizzy mess. I put that thought aside last week when I put it to the test. The first picture shows my hair after applying a pea sized amount of the cream to damp hair, before grabbing my hair dryer and barrel brush to blow dry it straight. This is the step I usually skip as it never turns out right, but I powered through the arm ache. The middle picture shows my hair after it's been blow-dried, which is what it usually goes after it's been one of those 'drizzly frizzy hair rain' days, you know the ones I mean? The last picture shows my hair once I've run my straighteners through it so that the fluffiness has gone.

My verdict? My hair was left feeling like I'd just stepped out the hairdresser, you know that silky feeling you want to get rid of but immediately want back once it's gone? My hair lasted a whole four days without having to touch it up at all with dry shampoo or running the straighteners through the ends. Exactly what I wanted, meaning I will continue to use this each week to cut down doing anything with my hair!

Have you ever tried a blow dry cream before?

Luce x