The Notes: Blush & Glasses

Sleek Blush - £4.99 // Glasses* - $46

My first ever blusher and a new pair of glasses, two of the latest things to grace my face. Before a few weeks ago, I never thought blush was an option for me as I already have naturally rosy cheeks, but after a trip to Superdrug my mind was changed. I'd heard that the Sleek Rose Gold blusher was a dupe for NARS Orgasm and for £4.99, I thought 'why the heck not'. On these pictures, it's very lightly applied because if I apply too much, I feel like I went over board with the 'just stepped out in the cold air' look. To avoid this look, I pop it onto the tops of my cheeks, in the same place I'd apply highlight. I like it now but I have a feeling once my skin is more bronzed in the summer!

Next up are my glasses which are from Firmoo and they are the style CP6061, which look like a classic wayfarer except they're not as thick and they have a thinner frame. I do actually need glasses to read and for the computer, but I'm silly and never used to wear mine. This was because I always had one pair of glasses which I didn't really like as they were seriously lame as I picked them years ago, I always lusted after 'cool' glasses. My eyes have been getting worse over the past few months, meaning I really did need to start wearing them again so when this opportunity came along, I jumped on it. Firmoo are an American brand but they ship worldwide for free, which is great for us British people. They have a very large range of optical and sun glasses. As you're placing the order, you're able to pop in all of your measurements for your eyes (which I had to gather myself by getting my friend to measure the distance between my eyeballs) and the strength you'd need the lens, or if you want them for a look, you can get just plain. Plus if you sign up to their site, every new customer gets their first pair of glasses for free, which you can find more out here.

What has been your favourite purchase recently?

Luce x