The Review: Label.M Treatment Shampoo & Moisturising Conditioner

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I normally just buy whatever is on offer in Boots. I was never that fussed about what brand I used, as long as it was designed for dry and damaged hair! So when I received these in a goodie bag from LFW at the Tahir Sultan show, I was intrigued to try them.  I've seen reviews of products from Label.M but never bothered to buy anything, so this was a good way of trying it out.

The Label.M Treatment Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner* are both just travel sized bottles, they lasted me three washes in total! The Treatment Shampoo is designed for chemically treated or coloured hair, so since the ends of my hair still have bleach on, this can work. It's infused with Soy and Wheat proteins which strength the hair without leaving the hair feel weighed down. I didn't see much difference when I used this shampoo, however I did find that it was very clarifying. Once my hair was dry, it definitely felt uber clean.
The Label.M Moisturising Conditioner was the one I was most looking forward to as it's for dry and damaged hair. Plus it contains Enviroshield Complex which protects again heat styling and UV rays. Although it doesn't mean I can skip using a heat protector, this will be good for the summer as my hair lightens naturally in the sun and it needs protection from the UV rays. 

Overall I was impressed mostly by the conditioner and I'll definitely be looking to try out more of their products. If you've tried anything by Label.M, recommend me something I could use!

Luce x