The Review: Origins GinZing Eye Cream


Now I think it's pretty obvious that I love Origins skincare, they can do no wrong in my eyes. For a while now, I've felt as though my skincare routine was lacking something - an eye cream, so with my skin changing slightly, I've been left with puffy eyes in the morning, so I thought this would be a good product to try. I first tried it when I had a little sample of it from the Origins Christmas Bauble, which I reviewed back in December here. After finally running out of it, as those little tubes last a long time if you cut the top off to get every morsel out of them, I decided to purchase one and wow, I am glad! 

I will apply this after I've popped my serum and moisturiser on, just before I'm ready to start my make up. A tiny bit goes a long way with this little pot so I pat it on under neath my eyes and onto my brow bone too. Straight away I'm able to see that the area has been brightened, as the cream has a slight pearl-esque look to it. I'm not one to apply concealer underneath my eyes, only sometimes when they need brightening up from the lack of sleep, so I tried it on the days when I had little sleep. Once I had buffed in my base, Bobbi Brown BB cream, I didn't need to apply any concealer at all! The BB cream had covered it but you could still see the natural dewy look from the cream coming through it. Noting on the puffy eyes, also due to the lack of sleep most days, I saw that once the cream had sunk in and started to do it's business, the puffiness had decreased drastically. 

I think this is yet another staple in my skincare routine! What's your favourite eye cream?

Luce x