The Edit: Flawless Face

In the past week the sun has appeared in London, it was 20 degrees one day, so I've felt as thought I needed a little 'pick me up'. I have just bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in the past month or so, but because it was that time of the month, my face was not being its normal self so I had a few blemishes. I have to revert back to my trusty Bobbi Brown BB Cream, but I decided to mix it with Origins VitaZing. The BB cream matches my skin tone perfectly, however, I wanted a little bit of colour to make me look sun-kissed. Origins VitaZing is a energy-boosting moisturiser with a sheer tint and although it's something I could use on its own, I combined it with the BB cream to give me a little bit more cover. I buffed it in using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush, in front of the sunlight so that I could make sure there were no slapper lines. Once I looked in the mirror, I was very impressed because my skin looked flawless, for once.

When it comes to bases, I'm testing out so many different ones at the moment but I have a review of LM tinted moisturiser coming soon...

Luce x