The Sunday Post: How To Be The Perfect Intern

The Sunday Post, how inventive of you Lucy! Oh I know it's over used, but I couldn't think of anything else I could categorise this post with, plus it may end up becoming a regular. Last week I attended the Cosmo Careers Masterclass at Freemasons Hall, on behalf of My Beautie. Not only was I taking plenty of notes to write up posts for all you, but I was there for myself. Lately I've made a big decision, which is that I'm going to drop out of university. I'm seeing the rest of this year out as I only have 4 weeks left and hopefully gaining credits so that in the future, I have the possibility of coming back to finish my course. It's a massive decision but it's the best one for me as I wasn't enjoying myself and university wasn't for me, as it's not for everyone. I'm not moving back up North, much to my parents despair, so I'm staying in London and interning my ass off in order to work my way up. I have luckily found two internships for the summer, one at Chalk PR and the other with the head of marketing at Instyle & Marie Claire, both of which I am very proud of. Luckily I have very supportive parents who I am very grateful for helping me stay in London as they know that for me to get anywhere, I need to be in the city. 

Long story short, I got the chance to ask the panel of experts of what would be the 'perfect intern' and here is what was said:
  • Have the ability to put together emails & be able to write a well written email
  • Research the company you're applying for
  • Have relevant experience, if possible, not always needed though
  • Networking is key, it will help you get a foot in the door
  • Do something good to get yourself noticed
  • If possible, get recommended by someone (make friends with PR's you email if you're a blogger, this is how I got one of my internships, so it does work!)
  • Word of mouth is great, make sure you have a good 'rep'
  • Be keen about the PR world, have a passion about it and never moan about it, don't expect it to be a 9-5 job
  • Be well read, not just blogs & magazines, all media sources and be able to reference to it whenever possible
  • Create a good atmosphere, never be negative
  • Never say no, be able to fix any situation; if you're not able to, just put a bright face on and it'll be okay
  • Be early and stay late
  • Have a writing talent and good attention to detail
  • Good understanding with social media
  • Address the person you're emailing with their first name (when you're first applying for the internship, that is)
  • Only email twice, after that just give up and move on
So there's some tips on how to be the perfect intern. If you're looking for internships in London (or else where), check out Jennifer's blog, The Beauty Guide, as she has a page which she updates weekly with internships! Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup posted about her experiences with beauty PR Internships a while ago, I remember reading that around the time I realised I wanted to work in Beauty PR. Suzie from Hello October works in events and she's posted about her experience too, plus she never went to uni and does a fantastic job without a degree, I think she's my new inspiration! 

If you're in the same boat as me, let me know as I'd love to chat! I can still be fabulous in the beauty world without a degree, one day, I hope...

Luce x