The Sunday Post: A Love For Home Decor

There's something you might not know about me, I love home decor. I mean, not in the way I will scroll Pinterest for hours (which I also do), but in the way that I would love to decorate someones house for them. Throughout my teen years, which are sadly coming to the end this year, I always wanted to be an interior designer. It was because of my love for a mix of art and IKEA, seriously a day out in IKEA is my favourite thing. More recently, rather than picking up Elle, I've been picking up Elle Decoration, or as this weekend I found Vogue Living from Australia! It was the pink and white themed room on the front cover and the title of 'an exquisitely restored Parisian apartment' which tempted me.

At the moment I'm going through the painful process of trying to find a house share. It would be fine if I wasn't so fussy, but I have a pretty low budget and I specifically want to live in East London, the closer to Brick Lane is better for me. I am dying to have fresh bagels on my door every morning. I am viewing a few houses today which I don't really have high hopes of after an awful flat I saw last week. But keep your fingers crossed for me! But, once I have found a new place and have moved in, I am heading over to IKEA, the place where dreams are answered. I have already decided to buy the Alex drawer, which nearly every YouTuber has as make up storage, but it seems the best to organise in. The last time I was in IKEA, I found a table for £6, yes I know, madness. It was small and white, perfect for something to take photos on so that is also getting purchased.

So that's what has been on my brain recently, have a peek at my 'home decor' board on Pinterest. Do you like these talky personal posts? If you do, that's great for me as I like to talk!

Luce x