The Edit: Lots of Lashes

When it comes to mascara, I'm quite fussy. I've gone through so many in the past few years and I have a feeling I've found the perfect three. I naturally have long curled lashes so I've never curled my lashes and I don't look for lengthening mascaras. I just want a brush which can coat all of my lashes in one swipe, although that can be quite tricky.

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara is a holy grail product for many people. When I first tried it, I was quite surprised that the wand was so thin and small so I didn't have high hopes. But woah, I was proven wrong. The thin little wand can get down to the bottom of your lashes and coat them all. Two or three coats of this mascara is enough for the day and I'm ready to go. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume has been my every day mascara since receiving it, two coats of this and I'm done. I was expecting a large bristle brush, but I was faced with a large plastic wand, so I was already impressed. I usually do my make up in a rush on the morning and with this wand, I don't need to think about it getting fiddly. Benefit They're Real*, is really the best mascara ever? It's good but it's not the best mascara ever. I think it's the best selling mascara in the UK, which I can see why, a lot of people get caught up in the hype and buy it. I'd seen it on the counter many times but because of the hype around it, I didn't bother. The first two times I used it, I didn't like it. I didn't see any difference from another mascara and my lashes didn't look as long as they usually would too. That was until I noticed the little nobbly bit on the end (what is that even called?) which can coat all those little lashes near your tear duct and extend the outer lashes. Now I realise people love it.

What's your favourite mascara?

Luce x