The Hair Post: Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I picked up the cult summer hair product, Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray a few weeks back, to see if I was able to add some volume into my limp locks. As you all know, I'm not blessed with naturally straight hair so after I've blow dried & straightened it, it is left a little lifeless, no matter how healthy it is. I normally add some waves into it using a curling wand but most days I can't be bothered. That's where this product comes into the mix. 

Surf Spray claims to give the locks a 'sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept' style, so I had high expectations. As much as I would love to achieve the hair of Ivy from 90210, see here, I know that it's not in my hair genes so I needed to go for the next best thing. I've used the spray in two ways so far. The first was spraying it all over wet hair before blow drying it. Bad idea. Fast forward 30 minutes after I had blow dried it and it was crazy. But I endured it and straightened it and went with it for the next few days. By putting it on wet hair, it created some sort of grease bomb from the start, so I wouldn't suggest using it that way. However, by spraying it on dry hair, the morning after washing it, I would recommend using it that way. It normally takes me a lot of 'ruffling' with my hair to make it look acceptable in my eyes. But with this, just spray it a little all over the hair and scrunch it with your hands a few times. 

If I was heading to a beach this summer, I would test it out on my naturally curly hair, but that's not looking likely so I'll just fake it in London. Also, excuse the very little make up face, I had just sat through a dreadful exam the morning before I took these photos!

Luce x