The Notes: Bloggers I Love

Todays post is a little different, it's basically going to be a list of my favourite bloggers. Someone over on my tumblr, which can be found here, has been asking me repeatedly to put a blogroll together so last night I sat and wrote out all of my bloggers. So here it goes...

Beauty Bloggers

Fashion Bloggers

Lifestyle etc Bloggers


Of course these aren't all of the blogs I read, however these are the ones I read on a daily basis and the ones I sit down with my notepad so I can take notes on what to buy. This list doesn't even contain all of my favourites so I had to condense it to the best of the best, in my eyes. You can check out my bloglovin, which shows you all of the blogs I follow on there. But if I follow you on twitter, I will be reading your blog!

What's your favourite blog?

Luce x