The Skincare Post: Facial Mists

It's been getting hot here in London recently so I've been mixing things up with some facial mists to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated. Plus a cool spray feels lovely on warm skin! So let's get down to it...

Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I've been spoke about this many times and I love it. It's the most expensive out of the bunch, which is why I'm trying to find a cheaper alternative. I've been using this to set my make up and to spray on my skin throughout the day, which is adding radiance to the skin. The one I've been trying to replace it with is the Simple Moisture Boost which is a hydro mist, containing lotus flower and glycerin, both of just gives dull dehydrated skin a moisture boost. It doesn't claim to do marvellous things like the beauty elixir, which is good because it doesn't add that amount of radiance like that does. It does however give my skin a massive boost of hydration in the morning & evening! It's went down quite quickly but it's cheap in Boots which is perfect so you can repurchase it. Avene Thermal Water Spray is a soothing and anti-irritating french product which is massive in Paris. If you've been reading Into The Gloss recently, you will have seen the 'How To Wash Your Face' videos, which are memorising if you haven't watched them yet. Isabelle Bellis shows us with her beautiful french accent how to wash your face correctly and this product is featured heavily in the routine. All french skincare brands are amazing, but this being available in Boots is even better. Produced for sensitive skin, but used on all skin types, it can be used on a lot of things from sun burn, facial redness, razor burn to after exercise. This purchase was massively influenced by Suzie, as we both dashed to the cashier with two in our hands. 

Have you been trying out facial mists in the warm weather? They're great for hot countries!

Luce x