The Skincare Post: The Mothers Skincare

Skincare is something I enjoy so much more than make up. I've introduced you to all of my skincare products so I thought I'd talk to you about my mum's skincare instead! I came up with this idea yesterday when she was at work, immediately took everything out of her bathroom and by the time she came home, she just knew I had been moving things about. Why do mothers notice these things, I will never know...

I won't reveal my mum's age on here but I will say that she certainly does not look her age, whether that's down to good genes or good skincare.  She's went through plenty of anti-ageing creams in her time so I finally told her to stop using them as she needs more of a 'firming' cream now, which is where Estee Lauder Resilience Lift comes into the mix. Created for the mature skin, it's a thick cream which is very moisturising and I've heard that many women have noticed a dramatic difference since using it. Combined with that, Estee Lauder Perfectionist Serum is the perfect serum to go along side Resilience Lift. Normal serums are usually a very thin consistency but this is very creamy. She was using the Origins Plantscription range but she wasn't very happy with it so that's when she moved to using Estee Lauder, which is much more suited. For eye care, just like myself, she loves Origins GinZing eye cream for the morning. I've raved about it plenty of times on here and she feels exactly the same. I came home with the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye for her last week, an evening eye cream which will help fight dark circles and puffy eyes. 
To wash her face, she likes to keep it simple with Johnson's Nourishing Cream Wash, which has little micro beads in. I've used it the past and it was very nourishing as it's designed for dry skin, so for a budget buy, it is worth the money! Followed by Nivea Refreshing Toner, something she has introduced to her routine without my input. Whether she uses it often or not, I will never know. Something she does love is hand cream. Always has a few going on at the same time, the two picks at the moment are Kiehl's Hand Salve and Lush Handy Gurugu, both of which she loves to lather on before bed. 

For anyone wondering, she has normal to dry skin and rarely gets blemishes. So what is your mum's favourite skincare product and I'll pass along the recommendation?

Luce x