The Sunday Post: Micellar Water Debate

Micellar water, whether you use Bioderma or a high street version, or have never used it before, I'm 95% sure you will have heard of it before. Some people use them to cleanse with (please never ever do this, you still need to wash your face) or simply use them to take your make up off, which I do. But now that Bioderma has come to the UK and we don't have to keep taking trips to Paris for it, will you be buying it or will you try out the high street versions?

Micellar water is basically a water cleanse with infused oils inside of it, which break down the dirt and make up. Some of them are described as a cleanser, some of them aren't, either way, it's basically a water make up remover. There has been some mornings or drunken evenings when I have taken my make up off with this and popped into bed, I won't deny that, but I wouldn't recommend doing it every day. Bioderma is a french brand, widely available there or on eBay but it's just been brought to selected pharmacies in the UK. I've been using Bioderma for a while and I love it, it gets rid of everything. However, I do find that it leaves my skin tight and quite dry, something I don't want when I already have dry skin. If you have oily skin, it might be perfect for you but for dry skin, maybe not. That's where L'Oreal Skin Perfection comes in, a micellar water which is widely available in Boots stores now. It does exactly the same thing Bioderma, except it doesn't leave my skin tight or drier than usual. It's described to soothe any sensitive skin, which is perfect for me. There's also a big price difference, £10 for 250ml of Bioderma from UK stores or £4.99 for 200ml of L'Oreal Skin Perfection, plus it's on 2 for £6 at the moment!

So take your pick, which one do you prefer? Just promise me you won't be using this as your main cleanser every day...

Luce x