The Sunday Post: Summer Is Coming

You always want what you can't have and this time my wishlist consists of many things I might have to wait till my birthday for. I'm trying to be thrifty and not purchase anything, both because I can't but I also know that this coming summer will be tough when I'm working 6 days a week. Unfortunately, my wardrobe is screaming out for summer clothes. I'm in need of a good pair of shorts again as my black Levi's button has popped off (not due to my stomach, thank god) and plenty of thin tops as summer in London is a hot one!

So I've started off by saying I want some more summer clothes and the one piece of clothing on there is a black top, but it's a beauty. Just a cotton strap top from & Other Stories but tucked into a pair of denim high waisted shorts and it'll be great for hot days. That leads me onto the denim shorts from Chicnova, they even come with the belt, something I'm lacking in my wardrobe. Pairing both of those together needs a good pair of trainers, where the New Balance ones come into the mix. My shoe collection is crying out for these, literally; my Adidas and Nike ones aren't cutting it at the moment. NARS Illuminator in Copacabana dotted along the tops of my cheekbones or mixed in with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, oh my. I'm smiling just at the thought of that look, along with a hint of a tan. Next up is something what will have to wait till my 21st birthday but I want to mention this particular one, the Burberry Rose Gold watch. It may be only my 20th birthday in September but as my mum has it in her head that I need something meaningful for my 21st, I'm going to go for either a watch or a ring. Unfortunately, my dad doesn't agree with the Rolex I am in love with. Last but not least, the Whistles Peachy Pink Make Up Bag. Multi purpose as you can pop your belongings in for it to be placed in a bigger bag, such as Zara City Bag or to be used as a clutch on it's own! 

What are you eyeing up at the moment?

Luce x