The Make-Up: Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Bourjois has been on fire recently with their latest releases, first it was the cream blushes and now bronzing products. I've been faithful to my Benefit Hoola bronzer for a good few years now and it's still going strong. I've tried other bronzers, which I do still like but I always go back to that one. That was until this product came into my life. Bourjois Bronzing Primer is a cream bronzer, or a bronzing primer.

The texture of the product is an odd one, it sits between a mousse and a cream, more so on the cream side. I use a stippling brush to pick a little of the product up and place it on my face where the sun would hit my face, as you're meant to. It blends very easily and although it's a 'universal shade'; I think it will be great for the palest of people, however people with darker skin tones may find it hard to work with. It has that 'chocolate' scent which other Bourjois bronzing products have, not the best smell but it doesn't put me off. Some people have been comparing this to Chanel Bronze Universal, or whatever they call it nowadays and although I don't own that, I have used it a few times. Chanel's version of it is a lot harder in consistency, it's pretty stiff although it's very creamy too. I feel as though at times it can look orangey but it creates a good 'tan' look. It's all down to your preferences, some people who have both prefer the Bourjois version so who knows.

For reference, in the picture I'm only wearing tinted moisturiser, mascara and this bronzer. I am still a little tanned from the sun we've had recently and I used Clarins Liquid Bronze last week too. Have you tried this or any other cream bronzers?

Luce x