The Edit: Coral Crazy

I've gone coral crazy and this isn't all of it. I'm all about anything with a hint of orange and pink, gimme! It all started with that Tom Ford lipstick, you know the one, True Coral... Since then it's amounted up and I'm no where near finished, I'm already eyeing up another peachy lipstick by MAC. Don't even get me started on their All About Orange collection, I'm actually glad it's nearly sold out.

Lets start off with the blush, something I'm only just attempting to master. I have a 'natural blush' it seems so there are days at work, I often get asked what blush and I'm wearing when I'm not wearing anything. So I've never bothered up until now and it's the coral which sucked me in. It started off with the Revlon Photo Ready Blush in Coral Reef, a cream blush which I couldn't get for weeks which made me want it even more. I add it to the tops of my cheek bones (lil tip for chubby faced girls, it makes us more 'sculpted') with my fingers and blend, blend and blend until it's, well, blended. Then Bourjois came out with cream to powder blushes and since they've been on fire recently, I had to pick one up. I went with 01 nude velvet, which is a nudey peach which I add to my cheeks for a little more colour if I'm not wearing any bronzer.

The lipsticks are my favourite. My favourite look at the moment is lots of bronzer & highlight with a peachy coral lipstick, so it's a good job I have a selection. There's MAC Vegas Volt, Bobbi Brown Soft Coral and L'Oreal Caresse Rouge in Dating Coral. My every day lipstick is Dating Coral at the moment so when I'm feeling bold I will use the MAC or Bobbi Brown lipstick.

Now let's not forget the tips, those need lacquering up with coral too! My two picks so far have been Barry M Gelly nail paint in Papaya and Essie in Chubby Cheeks. I am planning on picking up Essie Tart Deco this week sometime because now that is the perfect coral nail polish.

You may notice that my blog layout has had a little change and this is all thanks to Chelsea from The Dauphine, a lovely lady from over the pond. I asked her a simple question and she's spent her empty days making my blog look lovely! We've battled through the time zones with emails and it's finally finished and I could not be happier, so a massive thank you to Chels!

Are you a fan of the coral? Oh, you should also follow Chelsea here...

Luce x