The Nails: Alessandro International Nail Polish

A few weeks ago, I was at an event for Alessandro Nails & Tweezerman, both brands which were very interesting. Alessandro were showcasing their new product, Striplac, 'the world's first nail polish which lasts up to 10 days, doesn't chip and doesn't need any solvents or nail polish to remove it'. Of course I was interested in that, you apply it like nail polish it and it's hardened under an LED light. We had the chance to do our own nails so I got straight in there and did both hands. Knowing that it would peel off my nails made me feel a little uneasy, as I already have quite weak nails. The night after I applied the nail polish however, they started to peel away. Not exactly lasting 10 days in my eyes. Plus they left my nails very dry, so I wasn't impressed with those.

But on a good note, I left with two of their normal nail polishes which are used as any other nail polish would, I have the shades Elegant Rubin* and Mandarina's Mandarine*. I applied the shimmery burgundy shade the next morning, topped it with Seche Vite and went. Fast forward 5 days and it was still in tact, no chips at all. Wow, I was impressed. I applied the coral shade after thinking it might have been a fluke, but yet again, it lasted that long again.

I may have not been impressed with the Striplac, I would stick with Shellac for that, but their normal nail polishes, I give a big thumbs up.

Luce x