The Review: A Trip to LUSH

Lush is a shop I always go in and always come out empty handed. I've got their bubblegum lip scrub which I enjoy, rarely use but I do like it all the same. So I changed that a while ago, I was bored on my long lunch break so I ended up picking up a few things in store. I love body butter, anything which is going to keep my limbs hydrated for a long period of time is a winner to me so I was intrigued to try out a butter bar, along with the shower jelly. 

After I had the whole 'consultation' with the shop assistant, we decided that the Peace massage bar and Whoosh shower jelly was the best things to try out. I used them both that night, well I attempted to use them. As I was basically a Lush virgin, they didn't explain how to actually use the products. I was first stuck in the shower with a large 'blob', to put it technical, of jelly in my hand wondering how on earth I use that. Was I meant to break it up? Was I meant to rub the whole thing all over my body? I somehow managed to break a little part off and use that to wash with, although it slipped out of my hand many times. I later learnt that I should have just squashed a little bit into a loofah. It did get better with time and the smell is delicious, as grapefruit juice is one of the main ingredients! I have to admit though, it was a bit too much hassle for me, I'm going to stick with something out of a bottle. 

So I had stepped out of the shower and it was time to use Peace, the massage bar. Yet again, with no instructions, I attempted to rub this onto my legs straight away. Bad move. This time I learnt straight away that by warming it up between my hands slightly for a minute or so before, it will glide easily onto the skin. I did find that to work with it best, was to rub this over my legs a few times and then use just my hands to massage the rest of the butter into my skin. I know that this one isn't made to be used in the shower, unlike others, but the next time I tried that and it turned into a milk shower milk when rubbed onto wet skin. I stepped out of the shower feeling moisturised head to toe, as if I could skip moisturising, although this is something I never skip. 

Due to how lazy I am when it comes to certain things, these products didn't work out for me, they were just too much hassle. I, however, returned to LUSH to pick up an exfoliating in shower bar, which exfoliates and moisturises at the same time. So far I am loving it, so look out for that soon!

What have you tried and loved from LUSH? I need recommends so I can find something I love!

Luce x