The Skincare Post: All About The Body

I always talk about moisturisers for the face on here, as they are important and my favourite. But something else which is also very important for me is body moisturisers. Ever since a young age I've had very dry skin, I've been to dermatologists, tried and tested every treatment & moisturiser out there growing up. The doctors never had an explanation for it so I just suffered with it. It's only been in the past three or so years is that it's started to change and it's all down to the creams I've been using. I'm totally anti-mineral oil for my face but on my body, I let it go. A little side note too, I will use one of these every day when showering. Somedays I will miss it but to keep my skin in good condition, it should be a daily routine.

Starting off with the most popular choice, Palmers Cocoa Butter. It smells amazing, it contains vitamin E which soothes the dry skin. This is a good one if you're going to be fake tanning, as it's super moisturising. Jurlique Hydra Control Body Lotion* is my favourite out of them all. It's a rich replenishing body moisturiser, with no mineral oil, not greasy in the slightest. It does take a lot to rub it in but in the past month of using this, I've seen such a big difference. I'm dreading when it runs out as it's kinda pricey. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion is a light weight version of the body butter. Anything with cocoa butter in does wonders for my skin, it banishes any dryness which will appear.

Body butter come next, which appear to be the most moisturising out of them all. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Butter has been my go-to product for about a year now. It does the job and it keeps my skin feeling hydrated. I stopped using it a few months back as I felt as I have used it for so long, it stopped doing its job so I switched to another one. The Body Shop Olive Body Butter* is an another obvious one, they started out with the best body butters. I don't really like this scent though, I feel like a tree for the first five minutes until the smell goes. But it's a thick consistency and does the job. Neal's Yard Remedies Geranium & Orange Body Balm* isn't a butter, it's a very hard balm which turns into an oil when you rub it between your fingers. I don't use this all over my body, if I have a particularly dry patch, say on my stomach or back, I will just use it on that. Oils are really good for dry skin, so this is good to have it in solid form. I've been using it on sunburn recently too, it helps soothe it and calm the redness.

What do you use to moisturise your body with?

Luce x