The Sunday Post: A Never Ending Wishlist

My never ending wishlist, once I buy one thing on it, something else just replaces it. I've been wanting these New Balance trainers for months now, I gave up on another pair as they were pretty much extinct. I've finally found them in stock in my size but I might have to wait till my birthday. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation, I've used so many samples of this and I think it's time to man up and buy it. It's so pretty, dewy and perfect! My zip on my purse has broke, I've been using the same one since I bought it from a handmade leather market in Marrakech. I would want a Mulberry one but that's never going to happen so Whistles will do. In my eyes you can never have too many basics and Topshop basics are my favourite! I have that dress in a forest green and I've worn it so much I think it's time to buy another one. The Travel Journal Moleskin has a story behind it, sort of. So I'm saying goodbye to London, for now, moving back home and saving up a lot of money. I plan on booking a one way ticket to Thailand for just after my 21st birthday next September, backpack around the country and work somehow. I've always wanted to travel and I have no other commitments so why the heck not. I just need to persuade my overprotecting parents...

This week I've been super lazy, to the point where I think I'm really busy but I haven't done anything. I've been obsessed with this Jay Z song, it's been on repeat so much recently. Tattoologist has been my go to website this week, cue the over empowering urge to get another tattoo. I always have major love for Kate's blog, but this week she posted about being more organised, something I need a lot of help with, plus she gave me a lot of advice recently which I'm very thankful for. Jenny is a good friend of mine and although we have totally different skin types, she can persuade me to buy anything on her blog!

Luce x