The Edit: The Mani Pedi Essentials

I've only just got into painting my nails. When I was a younger I had a habit of biting my nails, which now looking back is gross, but even in my teens, I would rarely paint them. So since starting to look after my nails, I now have a good selection of colours which mainly consist of Essie & OPI. I will usually do this on a Friday night, which is odd for some people, but it's because my nails have to be in perfect condition for work. No chipped nails to be seen on the counters.

I'll always start off by taking the previous polish off, that's if I have any on, before washing my hands and making sure they're clean. I will sometimes take a clean cotton pad with a little nail polish remover over my nails again to make sure any grime is completely off. I'll shape my nails, usually into an oval shape and square for my toes. I used to shape my finger nails into a square but I realised mine don't naturally grow into that shape so I just go with an oval now. I've just been using a nail file I picked up from a Nails Inc bar, however I really want to pick up a crystal one as it would last forever.
I'll take a little of the Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover onto each nail and let it soften my cuticles, before taking a cuticle stick and pushing them back a little. I have tried the Sally Hansen Cuticle Cream but I find that it's a little too oily for my liking. For my base coat, I've been using OPI Nail Envy but I dropped the bottle onto my desk a few months back so it's barely usable now. The Sally Hansen Double Duty Top & Bottom Coat is a good one, that was my first purchase of all these, it does the job and keeps the polish in place.
Next up is the polish of choice and this week it's Barry M Gelly in Papaya, a lovely peachy pink. I've been wearing this on my toes for a while now as it looks great with a tan! I'll finish off with a top coat and at the moment I've been using Seche Vite*. It's quick and easy to use, even though I find it changes the colour of the polish once it's dried, has anyone else found that?

Sally Hansen will always be a great brand for nails, the products are cheap and actually work, so if you're looking for good ones, pick those up. If you have any suggestions for a nail strengthener for someone who has dry nails, let me know!

Luce x