The Make-Up: A Simple Smokey Eye

For the days I want to make a little more effort, rather than just a slick of mascara, I've been reaching towards this look. It's easy, no skills are needed and any mistakes can be hidden well. I would say take notes, but it's that easy you'd be able to remember it.

I first took a cream shadow, this time in particular I used Origins Ginzing Brightening Cream Shadow in Perkle*, but any will do. The slight purple shade works well with my eye colour but it's only for a base, so a brown or neutral would do. Smudge a little of that all over the lid, to prime and colour the whole lid. Next is taking a brown eyeliner and a stiff pointed blending brush. I used Coffee by MAC and an Ecotools brush. There's plenty high street eyeliners you could use, but I like MAC eye pencils as they're soft and very blendable, but once you leave them alone they don't budge. Take the eyeliner along the lashline just at the outer corner, build it up and just blend. Keep adding and blending until it's what you want, or something like this. I went over with the eyeliner about four times on each eye to get it to the shade I want it. You could use a black eyeliner but I find they're too harsh and look strange on me. Coat your lashes with lots of mascara, I'm using Benefit They're Real* at the moment and I love it. I already have long lashes but this makes them even longer! You could add eyeliner on the bottom lashes, but I like to keep my eyes looking really wide, it's up to you. To finish off, I added a little concealer underneath to make the look finished.

It's simple, easy and adaptable to everyones preferences. Would you try it?

Luce x