The Make-Up: A YSL Lipstick

My blog started off with my confessing my love for lipsticks, so I'm bringing it back. It started off with high street brands, now I'm aiming a little higher except I do love a L'Oreal lipstick still. I've wanted to own a YSL lipstick for months now, they're so beautiful.

My favourite type of lipsticks is a moisturising lipstick, not matte, which packs a punch of colour. I have a few here and there but my eyes were always set on this one. I'm going through a peachy pink/coral stage at the moment and I think it's here to stay so I picked something to fit into that category. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 16 Orange Impertinent is the one I went for. It's a perfect pink with a hint of orange, sitting more on the pink side of things. It doesn't need a liner to keep it in place and it glides on perfectly. The colour lasts really well too, it has lasted through many long conversations, however it doesn't last through eating. The packaging is something else too, this is a lipstick I am proud to get out of my handbag and apply.

What's your favourite lipstick?

Luce x