The Monthly Favourites: August '13

August is coming to the end which means that it's September is next. That is when the countdown to my birthday starts - *cough* 22nd September *cough*. A lot has happened this month, I've had to move back up north and I'm only just adjusting to life back up here. During the start of September I need to get myself into a schedule of posting as lately I've been posting with big gaps between them.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask* has been a new favourite of mine. It's quite similar to the Origins 10 Min mask, except a lot thicker which I like. Apply a thick layer of it onto your face and neck, leave for 5-10 minutes before smoothing away with a cotton pad. I've been using this to give my skin that bit more hydration it's needed. Bumble and Bumble Quenching Complex* has been a god send for my dry hair. It's in desperate need of a trim and I keep applying this onto the ends of my hair for a bit extra strength, shine and protection. The best thing about this is that you can apply it onto dry or damp hair. I mostly use it on towel dried hair just on the bottom half of my hair, as I don't apply too much product near my roots. Jurlique Hydra Control Body Lotion*, oh my god, I love this stuff. I have not touched another body moisturiser since I got my hands on this. This is my second bottle of the stuff and I already have another waiting for when it runs out. The cream takes a little more time to massage into the skin, but I kinda like it as I feel like I'm getting more moisturised. My skin has been in brilliant condition since using this, something I'm not used to! On the make up front, I've been lazy. My skin has went downhill in condition so I'm trying not to apply too much, only for when I go out on a night. But for the lips, I have been loving the Maybelline Baby Lips. I picked up Pink Punch and Cherry Me. If you apply too much of Pink Punch, you can look a little barbie like so I don't go overboard with it but Cherry Me is a lovely red shade. They're not as pigmented as I expect but they're very moisturising on the lips.

What have you been loving this month? Oh, I would like to say a big thank you for following me as I hit 1000 followers on Bloglovin the other day!

Luce x