The Sunday Post: Sharing The Love

I'm sure there's plenty people out there who has made good friends through blogging, but I didn't realise that I made some best friends until I left London this week. For the past few months or so, Suzie, Lauren and I have been meeting up for dinner weekly. I just have a lot of love for these two girls. I'm going to miss seeing them regularly, Snapchat will have to do until I can visit London again soon. But I've spoke about my love for them enough recently so let's go onto who else I have been loving.

I haven't been reading blogs as much recently, I've been too stressed with the move (which went perfectly fine in the end) so I've just been watching The O.C constantly. But I'm so happy that Chelsea is back blogging, she took a break and she's back with her beautiful photos which I can stare at all day. One day she will get sick of me asking how to do certain things with photography. I've still been checking Nouvelle Daily most days, it has a variety of posts which all interest me as many of my fav bloggers contribute to the site. I'm excited for my posts to go up on the site in the coming weeks! The one site I have been checking every day, because I always do, is Into The Gloss. I don't consider this to be a blog, it's an online magazine but it's got the best of everything on it. If you're ever in London, always remember to pick up the Stylist magazine on a Wednesday. A week or so ago, they did a brilliant article all about a 'Sad Skin Wednesday', however Anna has got it sorted in a post with her own suggestions on how to battle it.

There's my pick of people I've been loving recently, who have you been enjoying reading?

Luce x