Disappointing Products #1

Now it's not often that I talk about products I don't get along with, mainly because I'll only buy and accept things which I feel will be suitable for my skin. But you can't get along with every product and these three products haven't worked for me at all. They may work for you, don't let me put you off as they're all brilliant brands.

Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask* is a face mask which feels like popping candy on your skin. You apply a thin layer on your skin and it starts to dissolve, in a 'popping candy' motion as it tingles a lot and you can feel it popping. I love the idea behind it, it's the strangest feeling ever, even if it does make you want to itch your face. However, if you have any redness in your skin, you will be left with a bright red face. The mask reacts with the oxygen in the air and it brings all the redness to the surface. It went away within half an hour or so, but my sister used it before work once and it happened to her too. I've tried it a few times now, ignoring the redness, just to see if there is any results. Sadly, I didn't see any. If you're older than me, it may work for you as Radical skincare is aimed at ageing skin, but be careful.

Pai Organic Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator* is a gel exfoliator which turns into a milk once water has been added. I'm always looked for products which will make my skin brighter as I find that it's quite dull at times. So that night I popped into the bath and gave this a go, rubbing the gel into my skin, feeling the little beads exfoliate but adding the water. After I exfoliate my skin, the texture of my skin would naturally be a lot smoother, but it was exactly the same. I persevered though and used it multiple times afterwards, but I got nothing. My skin looked the same and my skin was only a tiny bit smoother. Maybe I'm fussy as I use a lot of exfoliators, but I expect some sort of result from a product.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner is a very hyped up product from the summer. You're supposed to wash your body using your usual body wash and rinse off, before applying this whilst still in the shower before rinsing this off too. When I first bought it, I was convinced I was going to save time and I wouldn't have to moisturise as much. Oh how I was wrong. This one in particular is aimed at dry skin, so for someone with actual dry skin, I thought it would work. I got out of the shower and popped my pyjamas on. The next morning my skin was very dry, drier than usual. Throughout the summer, my skin changes completely in the sun so it isn't as dry as usual. I tried it again but this time I applied more to my skin and proceeded to wash it off. Once I washed off the initial layer, I was left with a while film on my skin, so I had to use my body wash again to get rid of it. For people who don't need to moisturise every time they shower, it may well work for you. But for people who actually have dry skin, not so much.

What have you been disappointed about recently?

Luce x