Skincare Highlights #2

Autumn is officially here, I mean, have you been out in those gale force winds? The windswept look has appeared too many times for my liking, but my skin has taken a battering because of it. I've tried some new things and went for a good oldie this week.

Now it's not really skincare but I do put it on my skin. Nivea Sensitive & Pure Anti-Perspirant is a stick cream formula. It's 0% Alcohol, perfume and preservatives so it's not going to irritate the skin at all. I used to use a roll on, I stuck to the same brand for the past year or so and I just recently decided I needed to change as it wasn't working that well. Well, ladies, if you get a little sweaty every now and then (well all do), this actually works! I pop it on in the morning and after I shower, it lasts all day, doesn't smell at all and keeps any dampness at bay.
Another Origins product? Yes, and I'm impressed yet again. When it comes to eye creams, you either remember to use them or you don't, which must mean they don't really do much for you. So when Origins Eye Doctor* landed on my doorstep, I tried it and didn't expect miracles, but that is what I got. I have quite dry eyes, just above my eyelids it can get quite flakey as well as underneath my eyes, whereas my eyelids are oily. I have used this every morning and night for two weeks now and I can honestly say that the dryness has gone.
To go after the eye cream, I've been using a good oldie product which I love and should really purchase a full size version of, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. This is the old formula and I prefer the newer one so I'm using this up at the moment so I can consider buying the new one. Not that I need it at all.

What have you been loving recently?

Luce x