The Make-Up: MAC Face & Body Foundation

MAC Face & Body Foundation is a foundation that you will either love or hate it. Most people hate it too as it breaks people out, but unless you don't have that problem, you might like it. I've never had a problem with products breaking me out, whether that's a skincare product with mineral oil (I'm still against it though) or a bad foundation. 

So in my last MAC haul, I picked up the smaller bottle of Face & Body in shade C2. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly at the moment and it should do throughout the winter, I'm not giving up Clarins Liquid Bronze up any time soon. It's a water based foundation so when you shake the bottle, you can hear the liquid moving around. It's very lightweight, as you're able to use it anywhere on your body too. I pop a little bit on the back of my hand and work it in with a buffing brush. On the places I don't really need coverage, I'll just put a little bit but on my cheeks, I will go back over and apply some more. One thing I have a problem is with foundations is that when I go back and apply more onto the areas which need more coverage, it normally clings to any dry skin there is. Except with this, I have not found that at the moment. I've found that it's very hydrating and it does feel a little tacky for a few minutes afterwards but once it's settled, I can't feel it on my skin at all.

If you like heavy coverage foundations, then it's not for you. But if you're having a good skin day and like a light coverage, this is for you. You can always build it up to a medium coverage too. I've really enjoyed using this, it's not too matte or dewy, it just looks like skin. In the photo above, I'm only wearing this on my skin, no concealer or anything.

Luce x