The New Thing: Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness

A primer is something you either cannot live without or you don't bother with. Until now, I never bothered with primers because I felt as though I didn't really need them or they didn't live up to expectations. Clinique has just brought out a new primer, Superprimer, which comes in a universal shade and 5 colour correcting shades. I choose to try out Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness* as I find that I have a lot of redness in my skin tone.

You can either apply it all over the face or where you think you need it, so I applied a little bit with my fingers to my t-zone and cheeks. To counteract with the redness, the primer is a yellow tinted oil-free primer. When I first applied it, I only saw a little difference to my skin but it changed once I applied my foundation. I just applied my foundation as usual, which is very light coverage, but this time combined with the primer, all the redness wasn't as visible. It's part of my skin that I have rosy cheeks, which I have learnt I can't hide, but this did help them disappear slightly. I noticed the next time I used it that if you apply too much, your make up can look quite cakey, but if you avoid that, you're left with skin feeling soft and velvet like.
My make up lasted all day when using it, rather than it disappearing on my skin like it usually does. I think I'm a primer convert now, for the days when I want my make up to last all day. If you want to try the other colour correcting primers out, there is one for dullness, sallowness, discolouration and dullness for deeper skin tones.

Luce x