The Skincare Post: Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

My evening cleanser of choice lately? This one, Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm*. When I first heard the name, I instantly thought of the make-up, like a BB Cream as that stands for beauty balm. This is far from it and I've really been enjoying using this every evening.

It's a multiple use balm, a hard oil balm which softens with touch. You can use it as a cleanser, gentle exfoliant or a nourishing balm, like a moisturiser. I've tried it in all ways and the one I find best is using it as a cleanser. I don't think it's exfoliating enough to use it as that, it has the teeny tiniest grains in it, but it's barely anything. For a moisturiser, it would be far too heavy, even if I did use a small amount. On the days I'm wearing make up, I will remove mascara with Bioderma before using this. Taking about a 10p sized amount onto my fingertips, I massage that onto dry skin. Sometimes I will apply a thick layer all over my skin, wait 5-10 minutes before massaging it into my skin. One of the main ingredients in it is wild rosehip oil, so it's very moisturising. I take a warm damp flannel and wipe it off before splashing my face with cold water. Unlike some balm cleansers I've used, this doesn't leave my skin with a film left on top. I've been using this for about two weeks now and I can see a big difference in my skin. It's not as dehydrated as it has been lately, as I've introduced a lot of new products into my routine which are more suited. I find that using a balm cleanser on a morning is a little too heavy, that's why I've got a cleansing milk next to this little pot for my morning. I just ignore the 'anti-ageing' part as it's a lovely thin fluid which keeps my skin hydrated.

I've been loving a lot of balm cleansers lately, which one have you tried and loved?

Luce x