The Sunday Post: A Birthday Wishlist

Its come to that time of the year again and I'm turning 20 two weeks today. I can't quite believe that I'm not going to be a teenager anymore, especially when I still look 16. Last year on my birthday, when I had just moved to London, I don't think I thought that I would be living back up in Durham. I'm not a spoilt brat so I will never be getting all of these things, but a girl can dream right?

One thing what I do know I'm getting as I haven't stopped talking about for the past few months, is a new lens for my camera. I've decided to go for the Nikon 50mm, after a lot of questions asked to Chels (poor girl), it's the best one for what I need it for. My purse is falling to pieces and I wish it wasn't. I bought it from the market in Marrakech last summer so it's about time I replace it with a sturdy one. After wanting New Balance trainers for far too long, it's time to get them. I haven't quite decided which ones yet, but it's time to call my beloved Nike's 'old trainers' now. My Benefit They're Real mascara is running out and it's my favourite one everrrr, so it needs replacing. It's not something I need but Anastasia Brow Wiz is calling my name. It's fine little nib looks like it will just draw on hairs, so it might get ordered. Anyone else been lusting after the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Autograph lingerie range from M&S? It's beautiful! I put flowers on my birthday list every year and I'm hoping that as I've dropped enough hints, I'll finally get some this year!

Luce x