The Sunday Post: It's My Birthday

I've said goodbye to my teen years as I'm now 20, except I still look 16! I thought I would share a few photos with you all before I go out for a yummy Sunday Lunch.

It's sort of a tradition that I get a giant Millie's Cookie every year for my birthday, instead of a cake. As much as my parents tried to say I was too old for one now, they surprised me this morning! Off my parents, I picked the Nikkor 50mm lens and a pair of New Balance trainers, which I got earlier this week. I am obsessed with my lens, it feels like I have a new camera so I'm excited to take more photos with it.
My sister surprised me with the small clutch from Whistles. I love these so much as you can use it as a clutch, or to pop into a bigger bag. This is from the A/W collection, one side is black and the other side is maroon (my favourite colour!). My sister came back up north for the weekend which was nice as I hadn't seen her since I left London. I'm just hoping I can go back to London soon!

This week I have been loving Into The Gloss even more than usual, I spoke to the team earlier this week on Twitter, which I did sort of fan girl over. Their 'Top Shelf' articles are my favourite and this week Emily Weiss posted her Fall 2013 Essentials. You should all read my friends blog, Megan, as she is just as obsessed with beauty as I am. She made me want It by Alexa Chung even more after posting about the books she's been reading, 'Bookwormin and Early Bedtimes'.