Currently Loving #1

This week has consisted of spending too much money on train tickets, cuddle with my puppy and Pretty Little Liars. My (big) little puppy, Skye, learnt how to jump over the gate when she gets really excited. So every now and then, I will find her wandering around the garden on her own. I ordered a remote for my camera when I got my new lens and it's finally arrived. Why did I not buy one before? It makes taking selfies sooo much easier! I have my tripod permanently set up in my sister's room as that's where I get the best sunlight. I'm coming to the end of Grace A Memoir by Grace Coddington. It's the second time I've read this book but I really do love it. She's such an inspiration and has an "I don't care" attitude which makes her even better. I've been loving my new pair of glasses recently, from London Retro. They were kind enough to send me some a while ago and while I do have another pair of glasses, I tend to keep these in my handbag so I always have a pair with me.

Apart from that, I have been watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars. By a lot, I mean I haven't watched anything but that all week. I've stilled watched Bake Off & Downton Abbey etc on the TV, but I've been streaming this constantly from Netflix US all week.
I owe a lot to Jenny this week, she's kept me sane by texting me all the time when I think I'm going crazy! I missed one of my close friends birthday, Suzie, but she celebrated by winning at the Cosmo Awards. I'm so bloody proud of her and Lauren, as they both took away awards they deserve.

What have you been loving this week?

Luce x