The Notes: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013

There's been a lot of boob talk this month and that's because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now I will admit that it's not something I take notice of, I mean, I'll pop my spare change into the charity box but other than that, nothing. But it's something we should take notice of more often!

Evelyn Lauder (Estee Lauder was her mother in law) founded the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and created the pink ribbon as the symbol for the whole month. It was in 1992, when breast cancer wasn't something you shouted from the roof tops about and she just wanted more awareness of the disease. So that's why you often see many of the Estee Lauders brands bring out limited edition 'pink' products. So this year there is Origins Drink Intensive Lip Balm, Aveda Hand Cream (which is divine), Clinique Almost Lipstick in Pink Ribbon Honey, Estee Lauder's lipsticks and many more. Some people buy them because they're limited edition, or because a percentage of the sale goes to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Whether it's something you take notice of or not, ladies, you need to check your boobs once a month. This is something I've done for a few years now, ever since my mum told me just to keep a check. Know your boobs so you know if anything is different. It isn't just a lump, it could be different size or shape, texture or anything different. Whip that bra off before the shower and give them a feel!

To find out a little bit more, watch this video where Ruth Crilly & Really Ree interview Elizabeth Hurley, who is the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Ambassador.

Luce x