The Sunday Post: NEOM Real Luxury Organic Treatment Candle

I get so excited about candles, mostly because I rarely light them and just let them look pretty. I hadn't tried any NEOM products before this so I was happy when this popped through my door. NEOM Real Luxury Organic Treatment Candle* is known as the 'cashmere blanket' of their scent library and it's perfect for a little me time on an evening.

It's a very light and calming scent, jasmine combined with French lavender and soothing Brazilian Rosewood. Perfect for an autumn evening, in the warm away from the cold wind. The candle wax is a blend of 100% natural vegetable oil and pure aromatherapy oils. They will burn cleanly and evenly, leaving no soot behind on the glass or your walls. NEOM candles are designed to give you a specific treatment, enabling you to create your very own home spa experience. After lightening all three wicks at the same time, it's suggested that you burn for a minimum of 2 hours and it has a burning time of 50 hours.

For £39.50, it would be a perfect gift for Christmas or for a house warming present. The best thing about this candle is that the scent fills the whole house. I usually burn candles in my bedroom and the smell doesn't leave the room, but you have been able to smell the scent downstairs in the kitchen too.

Luce x