Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts

I tend to get stressed quite easily, a tiny little thing can annoy me so I take a lot of time to 'de-stress'. Taking baths on an evening is a perfect opportunity to relax, but I add a little oil or salt to make it that bit more. This is a tiny sneak peek to my Christmas Gift Guide which should be up in the next week or so!

Aveda have a range based all around 'Stress-Fix', including bath salts, body lotion and concentrate. The Stress-Fix Soaking Salts* are sugar and mineral-rich salt infused with an aroma to relieve the feelings of stress. The aroma is scented with lavandin, clary sage and french lavender, which smells divine. They suggest to add two tablespoons of the salts to the bath, but I did that and found it was a little overwhelming, so one and a half should do it. When you're running the hot water, add the salts in then so it is given time to melt completely. Nobody wants to be lying in a bath with little bits on the bottom!
Another little tip with these salts is that I bathed with them when I had my awful cold, the aromas helped clear a pounding headache and nasal issues. It's worth noting as I know that there is something going around everywhere at the moment, it seems.

I usually stick to using bath oils or a bath oil, but I've never tried a bath bomb so which one would you suggest?

Luce x