The Hair Post: Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

 So a fair few months ago, I posted about a hair curler which I had fallen in love with, but now there's a new one on the block. Well, it's new for me. My last curler had quite a thin wand, but I wanted something thicker and the same width the whole length. That's where the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler* comes in! I had seen plenty bloggers use this and I was always impressed, so I was excited when I got to try one for myself.

The Totem Styler is perfect for creating different curls, depending on the length of the hair, it adds a little style to it! It has three blocks on the styler, which you can set to different heats. The first heat will only add a slight wave, the second will define a lot more and the third heat setting can create a ringlet if held for long enough. I tend to keep my heat settings to 2, 3, 2 to create the perfect wave for my hair. If I'm going all out, I will pop it all on the third heat setting to create a much more defined curl.
There is two ways to use the Totem Styler. The first is by using the mini flipper to hold the end of the section of hair, before curling the hair section. The second is by simply using it at as a wand, which I have been doing as I find the mini flipper to be too much hassle. It comes with a heat resistant mat, which also turns into a little pouch to pop the curler into, as well as a removable stand so the wand isn't touching any surfaces.

It retails for £39.98 in Boots, but I have seen online that you are able to pick these up in Home Bargains for as little as £17.99! So if you're in the market for something similar to this, pop it on your Christmas wish list and hope for the best!

Luce x