The Make-Up: Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I spoke briefly about this in my last daily make-up look, but I thought I'd express my love for it a little bit further. This is the opposite to what I'm enjoying wearing at the moment, but for some reason every other day I have been reaching for it. Usually, I'm going for that bit more concealer and a little bit more coverage, all down to the cold weather I think. But this is a dewy and like a second skin to me, with a sheer tint. 

The word 'sheer' is correct, Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint* is very sheer, it gives almost no coverage. But it's enough for me on days if I'm just popping to Tesco or wherever. Here I'm wearing it with no other make-up, except my brows as I didn't want to scare you. One thing which stood out to me is how thick it is, yet very moisturising. It's a little tacky at the start, so if you have oily skin, you may not like it for that reason. But as some foundations tend to dry my skin out quite a lot, this kept it moisturised all day long. I have the shade Bare 01, which is a slight too light for me, which is why I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost in the picture. This is completely fine with me as I like to add the colour to my skin with a bronzer, so I can build it up. It does have SPF 15 in so when there is a little winter sunshine, I'm covered and no need to add a separate one. 

I haven't seen too many reviews of this, but I have of their Signature Foundation which I would like to try out. What do you think of this?

Luce x