Christmas Is for Gift Giving

This year I was spoilt rotten at Christmas, I received some amazing gifts so I thought I would show you my favourite little bits. As you get older, there are less surprises as I ask for specific things, however my mum always gets it right.

Hourglass Ambient Lightening Palette & Hourglass Brow Sculptor was something I was looking forward to receiving, as I had ordered it with my mum there so it was the correct item. I've been using it for the past few days and I am in love, if only I could include it in my 2013 favourites. But there will be a full review of both to come soon. Included in the palette, there was a mini Veil Primer which I haven't used yet as I am saving it for NYE. I sort of don't want to like it as it's to expensive for the full price. To finish off my collection of Real Technique brushes, the Starter Set was a stocking filler. These brushes are by far my favourite, I even prefer them over the few MAC ones I own. As I smashed my bottle of OPI Nail Envy, I was very excited to see that there a replacement under the tree.
My main gift was an iPad Mini as I had been using my sisters for this past month and I am completely in love with it. I have a bright bubblegum pink case which matches my phone case perfectly. Another tech gift was a portable smart phone charger. My phone runs out of battery very easily and this is perfect for me at work as it's so teeny tiny, it can just go into my make up bag. A fully charged charger can charge your phone up to 4 times fully, so this will come into use!
I always tend to receive books as Christmas gifts, as it's something I rarely buy myself. The Hummingbird Bakery is my favourite bakery in London as I am a big fan of their cupcakes, you will have seen on my Instagram if you follow me. I am very excited to bake some of the recipes in the book and I will be sure to share it all with you. To keep my make up skills tip top (well as good as I can get), Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual is perfect for me as it has step by step guides of everything from skincare to bridal make up. I have a little moleskin notebook which I use for blogging ideas and it is coming to the end, so a new notebook was necessary and this cute one is from Paperchase.
Another exciting gift was from my sister in the form of the One Direction book and tickets to see them live. I am (not so) secretly a huge fan of them, so I am so excited for June to come so the three of us can go see them live at Wembley!

I will finish by saying that I am in no way bragging about what I got for Christmas, I just thought it would be a cute idea to share it with you.

What was your favourite gift?

Luce x