New Year, New Hair

So I went for a hair cut and I decided to go a lot shorter than expected. I have been growing my hair out ever since I got my hair cut off very short, which happened to me a very bad mistake, and it was only a few inches away from my ideal length. But then I brought back my dip dye and the bleach ruined my hair. 

It all started last Friday when I brushed my hair and a clump of hair fell out, so instead of crying (like usual) I just decided to get it cut off. I went looking for inspiration and looked to Elizabeth Oslen, Freja Beha Erichsen and Lily Collins. Come Saturday afternoon I was sat in the hairdressers and she told me a lot needs to come off for all the dead hair to go. I went with it and I'm very happy with the finish. I wanted a blunt-ish finish but with lots of layers to give it a little bit more body when it's straight. Heck, I haven't seen so much hair on the floor before. It feels healthy and just so good to have a hair style I'm happy with for once. 

So I'm starting the new year with a new hair style and it seems as though a lot of bloggers are thinking the same. I'm actually tempted to go a tiny little bit shorter next time I'm at the hairdressers…

Luce x