Lazy Girls Make-Up

I've become lazy, well, lazier. I use the same products every day and rarely change the look, maybe with a sweep of eyeshadow or a bright lip. But I've got the basics down to a T. In the past week or so, I haven't had much time in the mornings to do my make up, so I'm always in a rush. That's why I've neglected my little blog this past week.

After I've washed my face and moisturised it with my pick, which at the moment is a new Jurlique offering, I use Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. I have spoke about this so many times, but I love it and it does everything I need. I'm in the market for a new foundation, which is exactly like this, but isn't this product. I don't apply foundation all over my face, it doesn't go anywhere near my forehead and only around my cheeks and nose area. The shade matches me pretty perfect and I don't feel the need for foundation everywhere. It's a light coverage which can be built up to a medium coverage, but one small pumps worth is enough for the amount I need.
That's where NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer comes in, helping me hide the red marks and blemishes which are popping up around my face. It's the quickest and easier concealer I've ever used, which doesn't get patchy or dry throughout the day. I use my ring finger to blend it all out, as my fingers usually do a better job than a brush would do.
Onto the eyebrows, I comb them through with a spoolie and shade them in with the Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette. I'm scared of when this runs out as it's so damn expensive, but it's honestly one of the best brow products I've used. It's a lot softer than the Tom Ford version I used to use, it also makes them look quite natural.
A dusting of bronzer makes a big difference on my current pale skin, just a sweeping across the temples, cheekbones and under the jawline. I'm not one to contour my face, so this is the closest it's going to get to it. On a daily basis, I reach for Clarins Bronzing Duo* as it creates a soft bronze glow.
Followed up by a few coats of mascara, Benefit They're Real, of course. I have a feeling that in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to pick up a new one of these as it's becoming a little dry. But am I the only one to like a dry-ish mascara?

All of this takes me about 5 minutes to achieve and once I'm sat on the tube, I will rummage to the depths of my make up bag to find a suitable lip balm to use.

Luce x