One Eyeshadow, Two Ways

Say hello to my new love, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows. I had been wanting this particular shade for about a year, possibly more. I had even had a dream and I was wearing it, I woke up the next morning and thought 'wow that eyeshadow looked good'. Suzie & I popped into the Burberry Covent Garden store, next thing I knew, the eyeshadow was on my lids and I was handing over my card. I walked out a very happy customer.

So I picked up the shade, Khaki, which is a browny green. It makes the green in my eyes just pop and I love it. As in the name, they are quite a sheer eyeshadow but I like that as you're able to build up the colour without going over the top. If you have tried the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadows, you can keep on blending and blending them forever, they're both very similar. I have been using a Real Technique shadow brush to apply it and blend it out.

For day to day, I have been using it just as a flush of colour across the lid and with a little mascara. Nothing too fancy, just adding a little bit more dimension to my lid. A sheer wash of colour, like the name. However for the days I have more time to spend on my make up, you can build it up to a smokey eye look. Recently I have been doing a lot of 'one shadow smokey eyes' as they're quick and easy. This colour makes it perfect. Keeping it with the sheer wash of colour, just add a little bit more colour to the outer corner of the eye. Add enough colour until you're happy with it. Pop on a little eyeliner and you're ready for a night out.

I'm too scared to go into the shop again as I know I'm hooked on these shadows. Please do excuse my horribly dry skin, this winter hasn't been kind to my skin.

Luce x