The Mascara Battle

Two of my favourite mascaras, but which one is better? Benefit They're Real came into my life at the beginning of last year and then Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara* soon followed. 

I will mention that I already do have quite long curly eyelashes, but that doesn't mean that all mascaras work on me. I have used some in the past where they have made my lashes completely strange, but those usually went straight into the bin. I like a big plastic brush, non of these 'hairy' ones. 
Benefit They're Real claim to be first best selling mascara in the UK, which at first I wasn't sure why as I hated it. The first two times I used it, I was not feeling it at all. But I kept at it and once the mascara wasn't so 'wet', it was amazing. The brush coats my lashes from the root to tip and the little knobbly bit on the end is perfect for coating those little pesky ones in the corner. I even repurchased this, which is a sign how much I love it. Everyone complains about how it's impossible to remove, but I don't see the problem. I remove it with micellar water before going in with a cleansing oil, simple.
But then I was told that I would love Clinique High Impact Extreme Mascara*, which creates a look which is very similar to Benefit. The mascara brush is a little larger than the other and the bristles are shorter, but it coats my lashes all the time. Again, the same happened that once I had used it a few times, I started to get a real hang of it. For an every day use, I use this as it leaves my lashes looking long, but not too dramatic. 
I reach for a different one every day, so it's a toughie. If I'm going out on an evening (that twice a year event), I will layer Benefit They're Real on and it really gives me the 'wow' lashes. Whereas Clinique is perfect for day to day, I also noticed that it doesn't separate my lashes just as well as the other. I still don't know if I can choose, I just love these two so much.
One which is a winner though is Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara in Black Brown. Leaving my lashes with a little subtle definition, the size is perfect to fit along each lash. Now that one is worth looking into. 

What is your favourite mascara?

Luce x