A Pink Collection from Bobbi Brown

Although this would be a little bit more fitting to Valentines Day, Bobbi Brown have a new Uber Pink Collection out on counters now which is verrrry pretty. It's only been recently that I've got back into wearing pink make up. Now I don't mean pink eyeshadow, but a little pink lipstick & nail polish is cute.

The Uber Pink Collection consists of two illuminating face powders, two lip glosses, two lipsticks and two nail polishes. One bright and one more on the nude side of things. Now I'm not on to wear blush, but I tried the Illuminating Bronzer in Pink Peony and it didn't suit me. But I know that it will suit one of my blogging friends (guess who), so it will be passed into good hands.

Now the winners for me are definitely the lip and nail products. The Lip Colour in Pink Kiss is a perfect everyday shade which isn't too pink or too bright. Combine it with the Lip Gloss in Baby Pink and you have yourself a winner. I don't wear lipgloss too often, it's not that practical for me as I talk a lot during the day at my job. But recently I've been trying a few out as they seem to be working their way into people's everyday make up. Don't think that it's gloopy and that your hair will be sticking to it, because it won't. It glides in and leaves a lovely sheen which looks very glam.

The nail polish is definitely a winner in my eyes, Nail Polish in Pink Cloud. When I tried it the first time, I hadn't worn nail polish in nearly two months as I gave my nails a break. So it was the perfect shade to start again with, not too pink or too nude. One coat is enough for a sheer colour, but two is perfect as it gives a lovely opaque shade.

Anyone else think they have the prettiest names? I'm really starting to fall in love with Bobbi Brown!

Luce x